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What does love mean to the Chinese

The Chinese Valentine’s Day, or Qixi Festival (七夕节), which falls on August 13th this year, is actually not what it was cracked up to be by the media and, most importantly, by the businesses who jump at any opportunity to boost their sales. Anyhow, just because of an ancient mythological story about the annual meeting of the cowherd and weaver girl couple, the day, which was traditionally dedicated to worshipping activities where young girls pray for dexterity in needlework, has become a day reassigned with the theme of “love”, about which the Chinese have some rather intriguing views.

The Beijing News (新京报) recently interviewed a score of random people in different locations in Beijing and asked them the same question: what do you think is love? The video of the interviews, posted by the paper on its official Weibo account, quickly went viral on the Chinese social media.

Here are some of the responses from men:

Pedestrian A: “Love is to take up more responsibility.”  Photo:





Doctor:  "Love is to spend more time with your wife." Photo:





Security guard: "I don’t believe in love anymore. Without money, love is not realistic." Photo:





Editor: "Love is the union of two people who have feelings for each other.  Marriage is the union of two people who have money." Photo:




Migrant worker: "Oh I don't know." Photo:






Taoist priest: "Love is to give." Photo:






Pedestrian B: "Love is not indispensable." Photo:





Here is what the female respondents said:

Pedestrain C: "Love makes you feel comfortable." Photo:





Media company staff: "Just being together is the best, doesn't matter what you do while you are together." Photo:




Human resources staff: "Love is to kiss me gently on the forehead." Photo:





Health supervisor: "Love means two people have to love each other and each other’s family members." Photo:




And the take of the old and the young:

Boy:"You have feelings (for a person) and care for (a person).” Photo:





Old man A: "(laughs shyly) I am old now.” Photo:





Old man B: "Love means to be very loyal to each other. There used to be love, not anymore. Just money." Photo:




Yueyue: "Lollipop!" Photo:








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