Overuse of facial recognition technology can cause problems

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Facial recognition technology is step away from being overused in China with the country's rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI), The Beijing News reported.

Schools use the technology to manage the school and monitor and analyze students’ behavior in class. Traffic police use the technology to catch jaywalkers and maintain order on the roads.

It doesn’t raise any alarm bells as people’s living standards have significantly improved.

However, we may be facing multiple potential problems such as privacy leaks and financial burden.

Nowadays, people have to sacrifice privacy if they want to enjoy the convenience of modern technologies.

When you shop online, you must share with the e-commerce websites your name, address and shopping history.

When you use an app to guide your exercise, you must update your health condition data.

When you want to take the subway by using facial recognition technology, you must expose your whereabouts.

Certainly, people have a right to trade privacy for such convenience, but we may need to be aware that using facial recognition technology in public places should not become a common tool to standardize people’s behavior for the sake of their privacy.

Meanwhile, it is always emphasized that the government should maintain oversight at the lowest cost.

Things like being absent-minded in class and jaywalking are far away from disasters, so there is no need to use facial recognition technology.

Facial recognition technology can cause some problems while bringing convenience to people, so we need to be careful when using it.

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