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Young girl reportedly ‘sells body’ to travel round China

A self-proclaimed “post-95” girl is the talk of the Chinese Internet these days. This girl posted online an article titled Travel with My Body: A Post-95 Girl Recruiting Temp Boyfriends for Company. Her goal is to have these “temporary boyfriends” to cover all her travel expenses in exchange for a night spent together. She claimed that she had already completed her trips in Suzhou, Wuxi, and Nanjing.

This post-95 girl is seen in this photo with a man. Photo:

In the “recruitment post”, the girl admitted that she wanted to travel this way because she “has no income” and “doesn’t want to endure the hardships of travelling”. She wanted to recruit a local boyfriend in each city she visits, who will pay for all her expenses. In return, she would play the role of a travel companion during the day and girlfriend at night.

And she set high standards for her makeshift boyfriend/travel fund provider. He has to be over 1.75 meters tall, no more than 30 years old, rich and generous.

The girl’s ambitious plan of traveling around China on zero budget quickly caught the attention of the netizens as well as the media. Interestingly, though most people’s reaction was in line with the traditional Chinese values, which is to denounce the girl as an immoral freeloader, there are also people who seem to accept it as a way of life, which is not to be judged or interfered with.

Many also expressed their concerns for the safety of the young girl, calling her “stupid”. Others took jabs at the men “abetting” her, saying that they are nothing but young naïve suckers who have too much money.

Shocking as it may be for some Chinese, this is not at all the only nor the first case of young people using social networking apps to have sexual relationships with strangers. A quick scan of some of the popular apps would reveal that most of the active users are young people, and many were born between 1995 to 1998.

The girl’s travel plan is thought to be an updated version of Qiongyou, or travelling on budget, which has become very popular among the young Chinese in the recent years. To save money, the young people choose to find themselves free accommodation using social networking apps. Most of the times they lodge with people they knew. But sometimes they do take the risk and lodge with total strangers.

However, within a day after the news about the “young girl” broke out on Weibo, it was said the news was fabricated by a company that runs one of the social networking apps as a way of porn marketing.

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