Marketable products might pose potential threats to people's health

Photo: Xinhua

The safety issue of three marketable products has sparked public concerns after they were found to contain materials that might harm people's health.

A reporter from the Beijing Morning Post carried out an investigation into luminous drinks, shiny balloons and steaming ice cream in Beijing in recent days.

To his surprise, the findings revealed that these foods enjoyed high popularity among young people despite their potential dangers.

He found that luminous drinks were installed with allegedly toxic LED bulb, shiny balloons contained nitrogen and steaming ice cream contained liquid helium.

Consumers' ignorance has triggered concerns among health experts.

A doctor warned consumers to be cautious of the goods, saying they might pose a danger to their health.

"Most of the foods fail to meet the safety standards, so I suggest consumers should reconsider when buying them" he added.

At present, no relevant regulations or laws are available to regulate the market, according to the reporter.

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