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Touching Weibo post marks World Kindness Day

A selection of touching news stories from the past year posted by Alpenliebe China’s official account @阿尔卑斯微有爱 is making rounds on Weibo, marking the third year of World Kindness Day celebration in China initiated by the toffee brand.

The World Kindness Day, which falls on November 13, is observed in only a dozen countries in the world. The Chinese first learnt about this day through the Italian confectionery maker Perfetti Van Melle which launched the first Chinese World Kindness Day activity in 2011 as part of the 15th anniversary of its brand Alpenliebe in the Chinese market, nearly a decade after the initial introduction of the day by the World Kindness Movement in 1998.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” This timeless Dickens quote is used as the beginning of the Weibo post which encourages the Chinese to take action and change the “aloof world” by acts of kindness.

According to the latest Chinese Social Mentality Blue Book issued by the Institute of Sociology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) in January 2013, the general trust level of the Chinese people is continuing to plummet. Research shows that only half of the population believes that the majority of people are trustworthy, and only 20% to 30% say they trust strangers.

“You are what China is. What you do is going to decide what China is like... When you hate this society, don’t forget, you are part of it,” the post said.

Pictures of the Chinese Liberation Army soldiers on rescue mission after an earthquake last year.  “Disaster is like a mirror. Reflected in the mirror are countless heroes. Thank you, soldiers!” the post said. Photo:


“They don’t speak. But they are the closest friend of human beings. Thank you, rescue dogs!” Photo:


On Oct. 7, Typhoon Fitow hit southeastern China’s Zhejiang province, causing the biggest flood in 60 years in Yuyao, submerging 70% of the city. This small restaurant in Yuyao offered 3,000 free fast food boxes to people every day during the flood, regardless of where they came from. Photo:


An old man who makes his living by sharpening knives donated 1966.2 yuan in coins to the victims of the Ya’an earthquake in April, 2013. He has made donations of over 23992.2 yuan since 2008. Photo:

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