Most returned Chinese overseas students choose to be single


According to 2012 statistics from China Education Service Center, 80% of Chinese overseas students who returned to China were unmarried.

Lv Yuechuan, who studied in Britain for three years and returned to China in 2011, has been spending most of his time on work without much time to think about love. “The main reason I came back is to develop my career and bring my potential into full play. But family matters sometimes distract people’s attention from work,” he said, indicating that that many of his friends hold the same opinion.

Wang Guowei, founder of (海归精英网), explained, “Many people think they are facing great pressure from life and work. They are still incapable of supporting a family, so they choose to avoid marriage.”

Another reason for the high proportion of singles among the returned overseas students is that they have higher expectations from their future spouse. “Studying abroad opened their minds and enriched their experiences, so they hope to find someone who matches them psychologically,” Wang said.

Senior psychologist Li Jing from Beijing New Soul Counseling said, “The returned overseas students think of themselves superior to others, which acts as a mental barrier for them in finding a spouse.” She suggested that the returnees should be more open to and tolerant of others so that they can feel more relaxed when handling emotional matters.

Various love-related activities are held in order to help such single men and women with their personal matters. More and more people have started to find their partners through media such as dating websites and TV shows.

Wang’s website organized a singles party and a self-drive trip on September 13 and 14 respectively. He said, “These offline activities play a demonstrative role despite the fact that not many people find their future spouses from them. We hope to involve more returned students in our online exchanges so that they will have more chances to meet and talk to people.”

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