Shanghai court holds hearing through video conference, saving travel time for lawyers during Spring Festival rush
Shanghai has recently had its first video-conference court hearing, which is expected to be more widely used in the future for comparatively simple trials in a bid to simplify the procedures and shorten lawsuit process, reported a Chinese news website. 
The Shanghai Intermediate People's Court had the city's first online trial on Thursday, the first working day after the Lunar New Year holiday. According to Shanghai-based news portal, the hearing lasted merely 40 minutes, with a judgement being passed right away in court. 
It's reported the commercial case with plaintiff being an equity firm while the accused being a property management business in Shanghai got into “summary trial” procedure this January. Summary trials for courts to distinguish complicated and simple cases are usually not time-consuming. Considering the Spring Festival traffic rush, the court decided to use Internet video-conferencing for hearing. 
According to the report, the judges and the counsellors for the two parties were in three different geographic locations, while they all joined the trial with headsets and a computer in front showing three split screens of the same court hearing. 
After the trial, representative of the equity company expressed admiration for the Internet-facilitated court hearing. “I'm in Erdos of Inner Mongolia. The video-conference hearing has made my job much easier. We hope there will be more Internet-connected trials in the future that could break territorial restrictions, cutting down lawsuit cost while raising efficiency. 
Wang Jianping, the judge of the case told they're trying out the approach in bid to shorten the legal process of comparatively simple cases, and use the (benefit of) technology to serve common people involved in the judicial process. “For those undisputed civil and commercial cases featuring clear facts and jural relations, online trials supported by Internet technology would realize more efficient and less time-consuming trials.”


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