Beijing police launches APP to target crime

Yu Xiaohui, a resident of Beijing's Nongzhan Nanli community in Chaoyang district, tours the area with Wang Yang, a police officer. Yu is a volunteer who helps police keep a watch on the neighborhood. Photo: China Daily

Chaoyang district branch of the Beijing Public Security Bureau together with other departments has launched an APP to receive tipoffs from the general public, according to an announcement released by Pingan Chaoyang (平安朝阳), the official Weibo account of Chaoyang district police.

The app called “Chaoyang qunzhong HD” is aimed at linking the police and the public so as to make it more convenient for common people to report crimes to the police and for police to better serve the common people, according to the announcement.

“Chaoyang qunzhong HD”, in Chinese “朝阳群众HD”, is named after Chaoyang qunzhong, which refers to the residents living in the Chaoyang district of Beijing.

Beijing Chaoyang qunzhong has become a hot topic on Chinese social media in recent years for often appearing in police case-breaking announcements after providing important tipoffs.

In several solved prostitution and drug cases involving Chinese celebrities, the Beijing police said in their statements that their actions were based on reports from Beijing Chaoyang qunzhong.

The frequent mention of Chaoyang qunzhong in police statements captured the attention of Chinese netizens and triggered discussions on who the Chaoyang qunzhong actually were. Some even regard the Chaoyang qunzhong as the "fifth largest intelligence agency" in the world after the Central Intelligence Agency in the US, the Committee of State Security (KGB) in the former Soviet Union, Mossad in Israel and Military Intelligence 6 (MI6) in the UK.

Currently in a Beta version, the app can now be downloaded from Apple’s app store.

“It’s so awesome! Now, the ‘Chaoyang qunzhong’ can come from all parts of China,” one Chinese Internet user said on Weibo.

“It seems that it has become more convenient for the Chaoyang qunzhong to make contribution to the country,” another said.

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