Weight makes biggest difference during Strongest Man competition

The World’s Strongest Man competition 2002. Photo: Google 

The biggest difference between the Chinese and foreign competitors in the ongoing Strongest Man competition is the weight of things they have.

Long Wu, the only Chinese player in the 2013 World Strongest Man competition, said in Sanya Monday, "The weight in China's competition is relatively light, but in the world, the weight of the things is up to over 400kg."

A total of 24 strongest men from different countries and regions, including Long Wu, competed in Fingals Fingers and Truck Pull during the third qualifying round of the tournament on Monday.

"The training done by Chinese strongest men is far less than that of foreigners," added Long.

"The competition can give me the chance to know so many excellent strongest men and learn from them," Long said. "I will talk more with them and invite them to take part in such matches held in China."

The strongest men will compete in the events, including Keg Toss and Atlas Stones, during the fourth qualifying round on Tuesday.

The tournament, with 30 competitors from different countries and regions participating, is running from Aug. 17-24.



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