Beijing Agriculture Carnival presents delightful plants, farming methods

The 2nd Beijing Agriculture Carnival is underway at the Strawberry Expo Park in Changping District. The carnival, combining leisure and education, gives people living in the city an opportunity to learn about new achievements and technologies in agriculture, and explores new ways of developing modern agriculture. The carnival runs until May 4.

Strawberry Exhibition


Strawberry Tunnel Photos: Billie Feng


 Juice made of strawberry

Strawberries are featuring prominently in the carnival. There is a Strawberry Technology Exhibition Hall, which is comprised of a Strawberry Waterfall and a Strawberry Tunnel. About 40 varieties of strawberry are displayed on shelves. According to a strawberry grower at the hall, the seeds were imported from all over the world and all the plants are cultured without soil. In addition, the growers apply different fertilizers and nutritious liquids to different varieties so that they will retain their local flavors.

Because of higher growing costs, the prices of the strawberries grown with the soilless technique are a bit higher than those of traditionally grown strawberries. Besides the strawberries, related products such as strawberry wines and juices are also on sale.

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