9,000 RMB reuqired to feel secure in big cities

Chinese city dwellers have too many things to worry about. It takes a sizable income to meet all their needs and make them feel secure. Photo: 18mo.com 

A recent on-line survey has caught the attention of many Chinese netizens, which asked the question “how much salary makes you feel secure living in your city?” According to statistics, it takes a 9,000 RMB monthly salary in level-one cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, while in level-two cities such as Chengdu and Dalian, the number is around 5,000.

For people who earn a small salary, most of their money is spent on living expenses, making it difficult for them to cope with emergencies and sudden changes. Therefore it is understandable that they feel insecure. Yet many middle-income and high-income people also expressed their concern in the survey.

A man nicknamed Bluesand is one of these people. He works in a private company with a ¥4,000 monthly pay. In other people’s eyes, it is a good income. Yet he has his own worries. He has a near 2,000 yuan mortgage to pay every month for his apartment which left him barely enough to cover him through the month. “Now I fear emergencies such as falling ill, it costs too much.” He said.

Apparently it is too simplistic ascribing people’s insecurity to their income only. Whether or not one is content with one’s life is largely determined on their expectations. In the same interview, when asked about their expectations for the future, salary is only one of the many answers people came up with. Other answers include ‘healthy family’, ‘relaxed mentality’ and ‘filial children’.

Taotao is one of the people who took part in the survey. According to him, despite his meagre 2,000 yuan income, he thinks he’s living a relatively good life with everything he needs. “There is no limit to the money people want,” he said, “yet as long as they learn to use it wisely, there won’t be so much insecurity in the society.”

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