Zhengzhou girls set salary threshold for boyfriends

A monthly income of 7,006 yuan has become an essential criterion for choosing a boyfriend among the post-80s girls in Zhengzhou, central China’s Henan province, according to a survey on views of love and marriage, which was recently released by jiayuan.com, China’s largest Internet dating website, and the Training & Communication Center of the National Population and Family Planning Commission.


Zhang Jiarui, a love and marriage expert from jiayuan.com, said that post-80s Zhengzhou girls are more rational and realistic in choosing a boyfriend and better know how to self-adjust than post-70s and post-90s girls who respectively expect their boyfriends to earn 4,870 yuan and 4,191 yuan every month.


"Zhengzhou’s post-80s girls, whose expectations for their boyfriends’ monthly salary are much higher than those of girls born in the 1970s and the 1990s, date boys for the purpose of marriage," Zhang added.


Many netizens think that such a towering requirement is not in line with the current situation of Zhengzhou’s per capital income.


Statistics released by Zhengzhou’s statistics bureau show that the annual per capital disposable income of Zhengzhou urban residents was only 22,477 yuan on average in 2011, which was ranked 12th among 27 provincial capital cities in China.


In light of the reality, Zhang suggested that Zhengzhou girls should reasonably lower their economic requirement so as to have a higher success rate of finding a soul mate.


The survey also indicates that girls aged between 18 and 25 prefer men who are 10 years older than them as their boyfriends because of thoughtfulness, maturity and solid economic foundation.


Five percent of male respondents and 11 percent of female respondents regard private house and car as prerequisites for marriage, according to the survey.


Sino-US.com: The results of the survey raise questions about the purpose behind choosing a boyfriend or getting married. We cannot understand what true love is if a woman marries a man just for living a more decent life than before. In our opinion, for a girl, true love should mean sharing the happiness and hardship with the man she loves, no matter how rich or poor he is.

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