Pretty women race for blind date with billionaires

An applicant is being interviewed for selection. Photo: CRI


A total of 232 females squared off during a special mass selection event to earn a blind date with 48 billionaire entrepreneurs in Chongqing, western China's Sichuan province on Sunday, Chongqing Economic Times reported.


Among the 510 applicants, 232 women, aged from 19 to 44, participated in the interviews, 20 percent of whom are teachers, according to Cheng Yongsheng, an organizer of the event.


"We set up a rigorous five-step evaluation process so that only the most qualified girls could pass it," Cheng said, adding that some interesting tests are designed to assess the applicants' appearance, intelligence, attitude toward charity and mentality.


Rong Xing, who is responsible to assess the levels of the applicants’ physical and mental health, said that the applicants will be asked a question about the first animal they will encounter in a forest. "The answer to the question will reflect what type of lover they want," Rong added.


Rong also said that some entrepreneurs are attaching increasing importance to their lovers' attitude toward charity and their knowledge about how to operate a charitable organization.


Cheng said that many girls have been eliminated from the selection process because of unsatisfactory face and figure.


Eight girls will be chosen to enter the next round and are expected to have a blind date with 30 entrepreneurs, which will be held in Sanya, Hainan Province in January, according the Cheng. Love is not something that can be obtained through an interview. We doubt whether or not those billionaires will find their true love from the mass selection events.


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