Knife-wielding man stabs 12 children at Chinese kindergarten

Chinese policemen show teachers and school workers how to defend themselves during an attack at a school in Beijing on April 2010. Photo: Getty Images

A man with a knife climbed over the wall of a kindergarten in China and attacked 12 children on Wednesday, according to Chinese state media.

The attack happened in the southwestern city of Pingxiang in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

The injuries were non-life threatening, but all of the children had been sent to a hospital, according to China Central Television.

A 41-year-old suspect, who claimed that he was there to pick up his son, has been caught, but his motives remain unclear, state media reported.

The suspect confessed that he committed the crime because he held a grudge against someone in his village.

Further investigation is ongoing.

Violent crime is rare in China, compared to many other countries, but there has been a series of knife and axe attacks in recent years, many targeting children.

Last year, a knife-wielding assailant wounded 10 children in Haikou, in the southern island province of Hainan, before committing suicide.

In 2014, state media reported that a man stabbed three children and a teacher to death and wounded several others in a rampage at a primary school that refused to enroll his daughter.

That followed a March 2013 incident in which a man killed two relatives and then slashed 11 people, including six children, outside a school in China's commercial hub Shanghai.

But perhaps the worst spate of stabbings occurred in 2010, which included a period of three consecutive days in which attackers targeted schools.

Chinese authorities responded to those events by ordering schools to beef up security and bar strangers from going on campuses and calling for more research into the root causes of such acts. China also began requiring people to register with the government when buying large knives.

Police in Beijing distributed long poles with prongs that security guards could use to keep attackers at bay.

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