Finding showbiz whistleblower Cui Yongyuan
Under the scorching sun, the campus of the Communication University of China looked deserted with the exam season going on. At the Cui Yongyuan Oral History Research Center, reporter met several other visitors who had come all the way to check out the mini-museum. During the past month, the obscure four-storey building, which was not known even to the students on the campus, has come under media spotlight. Curious people tried hard to “come across” Cui Yongyuan in the neighborhood while some others intended to find out if Cui’s revelations would bring the country’s extremely booming entertaining industry dramatic changes.

It’s hard to find Cui’s whereabouts. Even among reporters, the contact information of Cui is kept highly confidential. finally managed to get the phone number of Lin Hui, who is Cui’s personal assistant.

A reporter with the People’s Daily told the embattled celebrity “had been through a lot recently, so he’s worn to a frazzle.”

Lin told Cui would not accept any interviews now and there will be no press conference also.

The Communication University where Cui works as a teacher has recently attracted countless reporters. One security guard impatiently sent away people, saying “I’ve said so many times I have no idea (where he is) at all.”

Two university students told there is zero chance to interview Cui, because most of the people who study here have never met him.

In 2013, Cui quit China’s state broadcaster CCTV. Then he released the news through his Weibo account that he decided to come back to his Alma Mater to teach. From that year, his fans began to find out the famous anchorman had changed his trajectory.

After fighting against genetically modified food, once again, Cui was in the center of controversy.

From May 24, Cui became a whistle blower of the country’s extremely prosperous showbiz industry. He talked about “Yin and Yang contract”, “money game” and how celebrities in the circle are incredibly well-paid.

His supporters claimed he’s like a social scavenger.

Over 20 days have passed since he last attended a media roundtable at his own office in the center. According to the reporters who made to the event, Cui seemed quite calm and sometimes even talked with the media while playing with his cats raised in the office.

From his most recent social media posts, it’s obvious that his activities have come to a standstill and Cui is apparently not in a good mood. He wrote, “Maybe we should just let it go.” People paying attention the incident were also anxious. They wanted to find out the industry’s dark secrets hidden beneath the surface but they ended knowing nothing.

On June 27, the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC joined hands with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and State Administration of Taxation to publish a “Circular”. It called for addressing all the problems like Yin and Yang contacts emphasized by Cui. That’s the latest response from the government since Cui spoke out. As early as September 2017, the government had highlighted the problem of “sky-high” compensations for famous actors and vowed to do somethings about it. There were mentions of even a “pay cap” for the showbiz industry.


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