Life inside Yancheng prison where Bogu Kailai is jailed
Gate of Yancheng Prison Photos: Changanjwj
What does the prison where Bo Xilai’s wife is serving her sentence look like? “Changanjwj”, a WeChat account that focuses on China’s politics and law, paid a visit to the prison and unravelled the mystery.
Bogu Kailai, wife of convicted former politburo member Bo Xilai, is serving her life sentence at the Yancheng Prison in Yanjiao, Hebei province. The former vice chairman of Chinese Football Association Nan Yong is also jailed at Yancheng.
The prisoners in Yancheng fall into three categories: former government officials, foreigners and criminals that are worthy of research, Changanjwj said in the report. 
It looks like a college dormitory with eight people in a cell. The bunk measures 1.92m*0.9m in size. 
The daily routine includes morning exercise, running, labor, noon break, study and watching CCTV News at 7 pm. From 4 pm till dinner is recreation time for basketball or chess. An annual sports meeting is held in Autumn.

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