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Fuzhou-Tacoma sister city relationship a far-sighted move: Washington governor

Jay Inslee

Jay Inslee, the governor of Washington State, lauded President Xi Jinping’s upcoming visit to the US this week in an interview at Westin Building: Seattle Internet Colocation Data Center on September 18.

“I will be very excited to meet with Xi, and China and US will continue to increase cooperation in different areas,” said Inslee, “Washington State is the largest trade partner in US to China, but the two countries are still faced with common challenges like climate change and environment protection.”

Inslee said that trade between China and Washington State had created many job opportunities at Washington port, and he believes that there is a huge development potential in the Sino-US trade relationship.

Inslee also stressed the importance of the Sino-US cooperation in the field of clean energy. “US and China are breathing the same air, and the development in clean energy sector will bring huge benefits for both of our countries,” he said, “We know that like America, China is also faced with many difficulties in medical treatment and public health sector, so the development in bioengineering field is also very important for us.”

Inslee added that some software companies in Washington are working together with several Chinese airline companies, and trying to further expend their Chinese market presence.

In 1990s, Xi signed a sister city agreement between Fuzhou and Tacoma, which Inslee said is a very far-sighted move. “President Xi will find a much more strengthened sister city relationship between Fuzhou and Tacoma, as the two cities are cooperating in many areas.”

Inslee is very proud of the food and wine of Washington State. “I hope Xi could have a good rest and enjoy the food during his visit to Washington State.”

Inslee also remarked that there is still huge room for cooperation between China and the US.  “Though the cyber security issue is yet to be resolved, I see more bright aspects in Sino-US relations. We sell high tech products to China, and we have created many job opportunities for the people of our countries.”

In terms of President Xi’s visit to Lincoln High School, Inslee said it is a right destination as the communication between schools is very important for the students to make progress in their academic career. “I feel very grateful to Xi for his visit to Lincoln High School, and it will make the students feel very accomplished,” he said.


(This article is translated and edited by Charmian.)

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