Li Keqiang: Overseas Chinese newspaper bridges China and the world
Premier Li Keqiang has a group photo taken with overseas Chinese media representatives from the US and Canada at the Sheraton in Montreal, Canada on October 23. The chief editor of China Press is the fourth from the right. Photo: courtesy Canadian Seven Day Media  
Before Premier Li Keqiang attended a gala with overseas Chinese representatives, he met with some overseas Chinese media including the China Press from the United States to offer compliments to overseas Chinese while expressing his expectations for the media’s role as a bridge between China and the world.  
When asked by the China Press that after a fruitful visit to the United States, was there any message he wanted extend to overseas Chinese in the US, Li said, “We’ve got a multitude of overseas Chinese in the US, which includes 600,000 students. We hope that they could live harmoniously with local citizens, and our compatriots could start successful businesses there. We especially hope that the younger generations of overseas Chinese and those Chinese students who are studying abroad in the US could succeed in both their academic and career pursuits. In the future, they could engage themselves in various ways in their motherland’s modernization drive.”
Li further said, “My participation in the UN General Assembly, other activities in New York, and the visit to Canada have gained attention of overseas Chinese media. Your reports have helped deliver the voice of China to our over 60 million overseas Chinese people in every corner of the world. Some of them are familiar with Chinese characters and would like to read Chinese language, while getting news about China and our exchanges with the world. So, overseas Chinese media is efficiently bridging China and its compatriots throughout the world. I would like to take the opportunity to send my greetings and wishes to them. Here in Canada, I send wishes to all the 1.5 million overseas Chinese here.”
“I also hope that the overseas Chinese media could have a commitment to their homeland. Amid rapid growth and economic restructuring, China is facing both challenges and hopes. There are more hopes of a bright future. I wish that you could send the message about our positive outlook to the world. China would engage itself with the world and let the world understand China more. So, you’ve got big roles,” he added.
The premier chatted with the reporters and asked questions about their work and lives, while the media representative introduced their efforts and activities in disseminating Chinese culture. “We respect the diversified civilization here in Canada and hope to build our culture in concerted ways,” said Li.  

The article is translated and edited by Rebecca Lin. 


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