WeChat raises Red envelope limit to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Photo: www.nipic.com
“If you fall in love with your Mr. Right, every day is like Valentine's Day,” some people may say. While the Western holiday on every year’s February 14 has long become one of the most valued festivals in China, it has evolved out of traditional Roses & Chocolate stereotype these days. Today, on February 14, 2017, many people just woke to find out their WeChat Red envelope limit has been temporarily raised from 200 yuan to 520 yuan. The Arabic number “520” in Chinese shares a similar pronunciation with “I love you.”

The “Red envelope” fever has swept the country since January 26, 2014, when WeChat, China’s popular mobile chat app, rolled out a program allowing users to send cash through electronic payments. On May 20, 2016 (5月20日), WeChat also temporarily raised the envelope’s transfer limit to 520 yuan for that single day. The China News reported that by 6 pm that day, the series of Red envelops in various values like 52, 131.4, or 520 yuan had been sent out by over eight million times.

Now, you’ve got your innovative gifts for your loved ones in place, right? Perfumes, jewels, a spur-of-moment trip, or physical red envelope with ‘bribery’ money inside all could work to show your love for the one you care. 


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