President Xi responds to letter from American working in China
Andy Radowitz. Photo:
An American who teaches English at a university in China’s eastern province of Jiangsu has recently received a reply to his letter from President Xi Jinping, a news portal of the province reported.
Jiangsu University of Science and Technology told reporters on January 5 that its foreign teacher Andy Radowitz, 50, recently received a phone call from the General Office of the CPC Central Committee, the website reported.
An official told him that Xi had learned that he, an American, worked hard in China to make the country better and thanked him, Radowitz said. The official said that he was welcome to stay and work in China, and wished him good luck.
Radowitz said he was excited when he received the phone call, and it was the greatest moment of his life. He said Xi is a great leader and a brother, and he loved Xi very much. He said it was an honor for him to be here, and would work more to help the Chinese people.
The American wrote a letter to President Xi, in which he told the president that he came to China in 2010 and taught students Business English in Zhangjiagang. He also joined a performance group in the nearby city of Jiangyin as volunteer.
“My philosophy of life is all about the kindness and generosity we offer to others, and not how much money we earn,” he wrote in the letter.
“I spend a great deal of time trying to bring smiles to the faces of my many Chinese friends by volunteering for events in Jiangsu with the Jiangyin Zhouzhuang LeQun Art Group,” he wrote.
Radowitz said that he worked hard as a fashion editor to earn more money in the United States, but when he was in China he found that volunteering was more important than money.
He joined the art group in July 2013, and sang Chinese songs for local people on Fridays, such as The Moon Represents My Heart and Tian Mi Mi.
Ni Yulian, a volunteer in the art group, said that Radowitz practiced hard for the performance, and he received local people’s admiration just after his first show.
Initially, the group arranged him to perform once, considering a foreigner might be busy with his own work, Ni said. When she asked him if he wanted to give more performances, “Andy said yes, and not for money.”
Zhou Liquan, an interpreter and friend of Radowitz, said that Radowitz sang Chinese songs to express his love for local people, and he did a lot to improve his performance. He would practice songs around three hours every day on weekends, Zhou said.
Radowitz said he would practice a song up to a thousand times before his performance, even though he had to give up opportunities to travel. He said he gained confidence and strength from audiences’ applauds to continue his performance as a volunteer.

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